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Accompanying Services

A careful firm provides excellent buildings

Our goal: That the construction of your new home brings you as much joy as possible without any trouble.

Our solution: We will provide you with complex services including everything necessary for the construction of a house.

We will handle all the official tasks for you and provide:

  • Negotiation with the Building Authority
  • Obtaining the Building Permit
  • Provision of engineering networks
  • Geodesic survey
  • Registration of the house in the Register of Properties

We will provide advice concerning the choice of materials and technologies

With the use of our long-term experience with the building of new houses and reconstructions, we are able to select from the best available products and suppliers on the market. We will recommend the materials and technologies with the optimum quality to price ratio, according to the demands of the construction and your financial possibilities.

We will recommend a financing plan and will handle the grant.

In case of your interest, we will make an appointment for you in a cooperative financing institution, where they can find you a suitable solution for financing the construction of your house.

If you are about to insulate your facade or to construct a low-energy or a passive house, we will provide you with the maximum possible grant within the scope of the Green for Savings programme.

We guarantee 100% quality

We provide all of our customer services in 100% quality. The proof of that is not only the satisfaction of our customers, but also the Quality Management System Certificate EN CSN ISO 9001.

We lend machines and small equipment

For your own construction, you can hire building machines and small mechanical equipment that we use during our building activities.

Find out more about the types of machines and the costs for hiring.

Heat cladding & construction - StavitelstvI SMID s.r.o. Pilsen

We confess that we are the originators of global heat cladding. We perform heat cladding of panel and family houses so that the heat cannot escape out. You do not have anything for heat insulation? We will build a family house for you or we may start a reconstruction of your house.

You can see in the references that we have done a lot of a good work. Take advantage of our services and find out that we are the right construction firm for your project!

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