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Heat Cladding of Family Houses

Besides the revitalisation of panel houses, Stavitelstvi SMID Pilsen also performs heat cladding of family houses. This is most frequently the insulation against underground moisture, facade heat cladding, and window replacement. The most requested effect is the saving of heating energy and the related financial costs. However, quality heat cladding will bring much more to your house.

The heat cladding of a family house will not only save:

  • It will slow down the aging of the house.
  • It protects against penetration of rain water.
  • It prevents formation of moulds.
  • It insulates against cold weather and summer heat.
  • The new facade will make the house's appearance more attractive.

We perform heat cladding of family houses using contact heat cladding systems (ETICS), for whose application we are expertly trained and certified accordingly. We apply a ventilated facade only with older houses that cannot be insulated against underground moisture; mineral wool or cellulose is used as the heat cladding material in this case.

The heat cladding of the facade can serve for improving the living in older family houses, but it may also form a part of the construction of new houses. In any case, this is an individual solution that we will adapt to the specific requirements of your residence.

What takes place before the heat cladding of a house:

  • We will specify the optimum thickness of the insulation with respect to the location and articulation of the building, the fire risk etc.
  • We will select a suitable material for the thermal insulation.
  • We will perform a detailed design preparation.

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Heat cladding & construction - StavitelstvI SMID s.r.o. Pilsen

We confess that we are the originators of global heat cladding. We perform heat cladding of panel and family houses so that the heat cannot escape out. You do not have anything for heat insulation? We will build a family house for you or we may start a reconstruction of your house.

You can see in the references that we have done a lot of a good work. Take advantage of our services and find out that we are the right construction firm for your project!

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